Meet our Instructors:

Helen Lammin physiotherapist and pilates instructorPilates Instructor/Physiotherapist: Helen Lammin

Helen graduated from Brunel University in 2008 with a first class honours and began her career working within the national health service currently residing as a Highly Specialist Physiotherapist in Pulmonary rehabilitation. Helen has 13 years physiotherapy experience ranging from cardiothoracics and critical care, heart and lung transplants, women’s health, neurology, orthopaedics, musculoskeletal, amputees, elderly care, community, and A&E.

Helen discovered Pilates after suffering a prolapsed disc in her lumbar spine. It enhanced her recovery and helped alleviated her low back and leg pain. It is here she started on her journey within Pilates, she has been a dedicated Pilates student for nine years.

Helen’s career and life experience enabled her to pursue a passion in passing this knowledge through Pilates and explored rehabilitation within Pilates as a key enabler. She completed her level 3 training in 2015 with the Australian Physiotherapy Pilates Institute (APPI) and now has six years teaching experience.

With our busy lives we tend to take our health and bodies for granted until we start to experience aches, pains and injury. This is only when we seek help and want a quick fix. Poor movement patterns and posture may have caused the aches, pains and led to injury. The APPI method of Pilates and Helen’s physiotherapy experience has allowed her to educate her clients on better movement patterns to correctly and safely rehabilitate them to functional, efficient states and help alleviate pain.

She wants to empower her clients to be able to embrace Pilates at any age and fitness level to cope with the demands of life and the ageing process. She believes Pilates is a lifelong tool that does not only need to be sought after when aches, pain and injury occurs. She is a true believer prevention outweighs cure and it can be used to enhance fitness, body shaping, strength, balance, coordination and the understanding between the connection of your mind and your bodies awareness of movement.


pali pilates instructorPilates Instructor: Pali Kumari

Pali is passionate about helping people discover the joy of moving their bodies with ease and experiencing their potential.

“I really enjoy getting into the nitty gritty of finding the right approach for each individual; to help them feel more connected to their bodies and move with spontaneity. That ‘aha’ moment they experience that is profoundly transformative to their well-being. It’s magical.”

Pali Kumari has been in the fitness business since 2011. After starting out as a personal trainer and Barre instructor she became increasingly fascinated by the biomechanics of movement in relation to health and fitness, leading her to study and teach Pilates.

Previously Pali worked for an environmental charity that campaigned to stop environmental crime. During this time, she spent three years in Tanzania teaching grassroots communities to document the human and environmental abuses they faced and use visual media to campaign for change.

Pali is now able to combine her joy of teaching with her passion for fitness as a unique Pilates teacher.


pilates instructor shivani

Pilates Instructor: Shivani

Shivani is a certified Pilates Teacher who is passionate about health and fitness. She offers small sized group classes at Ruislip Physiotherapy, online and private sessions at your home or online as well. She has been practicing Pilates for over 9 years and trained with the highly esteemed Body Control Pilates to achieve the Level 3 REPs Matwork Certification. In order to carry on with Continue Professional Development, she has attended and continues to attend various Pilates courses to keep herself up to date.

The classes are small, friendly and offer a safe and nurturing environment to ensure individual feedback and correction. A wide variety of exercises and props are used to focus on progression over a period, movements modified in range of difficulty from beginners to advanced. She uses safe and effective techniques inspired by Body Control Teacher training and consequently over time deliver tangible results.